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MFC Advisory Board

MFC Advisory Board

The Advisory Board provides advice to MFC with the respect to the construction and operation of the fiber network, including:

  1. The choice of Community Anchor Institutions to which the project should connect in order to meet federal grant obligations and promote the broadband goals of the State
  2. How to maximize the economic benefits of the project to the State
  3. Ensure the project is constructed in a manner consistent with federal grant obligations and public purposes.


Board Composition

The Advisory Board was established with 9 members, comprised as follows:

  1. State of Maine CIO or designee;
  2. Executive Director of the ConnectME Authority or designee;
  3. Legislative Member Broadband Strategy Council designee;
  4. Representative appointed by Maine Municipal Association;
  5. A consumer representative appointed by the Public Advocate;
  6. Representative of the University of Maine System;
  7. CLEC rep, appointed by MFC;
  8. ILEC rep, appointed by Telephone Association of Maine;
  9. Large institutional member appointed by the Maine Telecommunications User Group (MTUG)



The Advisory Board has continued beyond the term of construction, and continues to provide valuable input to MFC.