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Dark fiber leasing growth steady in Maine. 

While it may seem a less than spectacular statistic, leasing 17% of the ‘Three-Ring Binder’ dark fiber strand capacity is a significant milestone for MFC and for Maine.  With over 210,000 fiber strand miles available in the state, the 17% number means there are 35,000 strand miles of open-access dark fiber currently in use by our customers.   Take a look at the trend:

Some other interesting statistics that reflect steady growth in demand for telecommunications infrastructure as well:

2143 Interconnected Fiber Cables.  Up 5% from September 2017. That’s 100 new third-party fiber strands that interconnect with the 3RB and extend the fiber network into a new area, to a business, a community anchor institution, a cell tower, or even another state or country! 

1,799 Active Circuits.  Up 16% from September 2017.  An active circuit is leased dark fiber from point A to Point B.  These can range from 1 mile to as long as 500 miles.    They may make a reliable connection from a public safety facility to a radio tower, interconnect K-12 schools, connect a municipal network to an ISP, or even be part of an international ‘long-haul’ route for Fortune 50 company. 

51 Leased Cabinets in MFC Shelters.  YTD up 20% from 2017.   This figure represents ISPs, carriers and content providers leasing space and power along MFC network to locate optical gear and ‘light’ the dark fiber.  These range from local ISPs using the space to establish a Point of Presence (PoP) in a new part of the state to international carriers installing terabit (that’s 1,000 gig) equipment for ‘express’ routes between the US and Europe as part of the internet backbone.  

Steady growth along these lines clearly reflects the increasing demand for bandwidth in both the core and at the edges of the telecom infrastructure.  MFC continues to offer competitively priced, open-access dark fiber and has plans for continued investments to expand the network and enhance Maine’s economy at the same time.