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MFC to Invest Additional $2M in Maine Open Access Fiber Network

Maine Fiber Company, LLC is investing in an expansion of facilities that house customer electronics along its coastal fiber optic route in Maine.  These critical facilities, referred to as carrier neutral  ‘ReGen Sites’, are leased by customers and used to house the electronics that use MFC fiber to transport services such as broadband.   The initial ReGen sites were built in 2012 and no longer have capacity for additional customers.    “We’ve seen strong demand for these carrier-neutral sites as local ISPs, regional CLECs and international networks expand into and through Maine” said Jeff McCarthy, vice president of business development at MFC.  “It’s a clear sign that the telecommunications industry wants and needs additional fiber optic capacity to keep up with demand created by broadband and other commercial uses of the internet,” said McCarthy. 

“The decision to double-down on the investment in Maine was not difficult,” said Dwight Allison, MFC’s chief executive officer, “It’s clear that the state is benefiting economically from the initial ‘Three Ring Binder’ investment, and the demand for dark fiber and ReGen services is relatively steady.” 

The Company currently operates eight of these ReGen sites, non-descript concrete structures located along the company’s fiber optic routes.  Dark fiber customers stack the buildings with optronics gear that is capable of transmitting between 1 gigabit and multiple terabits per second over the fiber.   The sites play an important role in so-called ‘longhaul’ traffic – moving terabits per second over longer distances, as well as more local projects such as connectivity to last-mile broadband, community anchor institutions, commercial sites and wireless sites.  

According to McCarthy the scope of this re-investment includes additional ReGen facilities at seven of the existing sites and a new ReGen location in Portland.   “We have a number of new customers and some exciting local initiatives that will take advantage of these new facilities in early 2017.  We are looking forward to a continued role in helping improve the economics of broadband in Maine.”