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MFC Continues to Invest in Maine's Broadband Infrastructure. 

Early on, MFC realized that in order to 'light' the Three Ring Binder middle-mile fiber network, our customers would need to install optical transmission equipment along the route. That led us to invest some of the initial grant monies in 'ReGen' sites that provide secure space and power. In conjunction with planned Canadian border crossings, MFC located (7) ReGens along the coast.Architecturally these are pretty drab looking structures - we won't be featured in DownEast Magazine or Maine Homes for these dowdy brown concrete boxes-but they do play a critical role when it comes to delivering fast, reliable data transmission and broadband.  

It turns out that this investment was a good decision; by the end of 2015 we were already out of space. After considerable research and planning we allocated another $2M in private funds to add ReGen capacity. The project, which kicked off earlier this year, will utilize structures which can be further expanded as demand continues to grow over the next several years. 

While many of the customers utilizing these ReGen sites are called 'long haul' customers whose presence in Maine is part of an extensive international fiber network, there are also local ISPs and CLECs utilizing them for a variety of reasons.  These include extending their networks to provide more geographic coverage, projects to enhance reliability, interconnecting with local 'last-mile' facilities, and interconnecting with other carriers or services.  

This incremental private investment in the network is expected to help attract additional providers and ISPs to the state, ensuring competition and therefore helping to keep Maine costs in line with other more densely populated areas in the global economy.